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the win for◆ the North with 33.●5 seconds to g■o.Sun Men

d meda◆l of women's ba〓dminton team compe●tition after defe■ating Guangdong 3-1◆ at China's 11th● National Games here○ on Tuesda●y.It's the first◆ time for Jiangs■u

to enter the■ final in 12 years ■and to


gran had a● team-high● 26 points and fi●ve rebounds for t

lift○ the title in 16 yea■rs, while Guang●dong has to fi●nish runner-○up for the thir◆d consecutive Nat○ional Games.L■u Lan, newly crowned○ world champion, rep〓res

ented Jiangsu◆ in a singles tie ◆against


〓he South. Su●n Jie and Hua〓ng Sijing finished○ with 18

national t○eammate Xie ●Xingfang, th〓e twice world ○champion an●d Olympic silver me■dalist who plays fo●r Guangdong.In t◆he 42-minute match〓, Lu led the 〓first gam

e 4-0 befo〓re Xie managed to c〓ut the de

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ficit ◆and leveled the s■core at 12◆-12. When trail■ing 20-16, Xi◆e saved th●ree game points be○fore losing■ the game21-19.● In the seco●nd set,

Lu led all ●the way and neve◆r looked b

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a◆ck to secure a○ comfortable● win 21-9.At●hens Olympic Ch●ampion Yang Wei■ paired up with 〓young shuttler Zhong◆ Qianxin, ◆ranked 68th in the ●

world, and p○ulled one poi○nt back for G

itle with 33.6 ○seconds, one tent

h s◆econd ahead 〓of Ji Y

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uangdon●g as they beat T○ang Jinhua ●and Tan Wen 21-1●8, 21-12 i〓n the women's doub●les match.In the● following sin●gles match, 〓

Wang Shixi

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an, ◆winner of last mont■h's China Mast●ers tournament■, ove

rcame Xia?/p>

?Jingyun 19-21, 21●-13, 21-17● to put J


iangsu 〓2-1 ahead.Su●n Xiaoli and Che●ng Shu did no

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